Every person has a very individual aura. It is the energy field of the body. With energy you can also understand the flow of life. If the energy flows harmoniously and the person is in the flow of life, then he is also mentally and physically healthy and active.

However, if we are tense and hard in our way of thinking, for example, the body also hardens, so that less energy can flow.


Thus the aura differs from person to person by form, content, colour and structure. The appearance of the aura corresponds to the previous state of development of the soul structure.

It consists of different layers or bodies and contains the different chakras.

Chakras are energy vortices that perceive energies from outside and supply them to the human energy system. Each chakra supplies a certain area of the body with energy.


The aura is not visible to the physical eye, because it exists only in higher spheres and can only be perceived there.

If one has the ability to see the aura, one can recognize in its character, abilities, experiences, traumas and their connections. The aura can only be seen through light energies and the clairvoyance.

There are different colours like red, blue, green, yellow or low swinging colours like dark brown to grey to black. These colours have different intensities depending on how healthy and powerful the energy field is.

Clairvoyant and medially gifted people see the character traits, abilities, truthfulness and spiritual strength in the aura and can therefore give advice on a different level than psychotherapists.

Numerous writings and teachings describe the aura as an energy dress, energetic radiance or energetic field. In it the consciousness is reflected in the connection with the personality on a spiritual-emotional level.

You can learn to see the aura, but it requires a lot of training.


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