In Trance Healing, healing is experienced through energies from the spiritual world. It is a medial method for the treatment of physical and mental complaints.

The medium puts itself into a state of trance in which it surrenders to the spiritual world. Through the deep and intensive connection with the spiritual world, healing energies are received and transferred into the body. All healers who document miracle healings have one thing in common. They serve the spiritual world, they are not the healers themselves.



Through the Trance Healing can:


  • blockades are released and pain is relieved.
  • body, mind and soul are brought back into balance.
  • Awakening one’s own potential and bringing it into the river




If I have worked out an overview of your condition and energy field, I will try, through the connection with the spiritual world, to deal specifically with the existing energy blockades and to get the healing flow going again through sensitive perception.

Detoxification, headaches or fatigue can occur after a treatment, because the body transports away the released energies and the self-healing powers get going. After a certain time, however, you should feel a change in the problem, more well-being and vitality.

ca. 75 minutes 110,- Euro

non-binding request