Hello, beautiful soul, I'm glad you're here. Do you wish for a lighter, freer and more peaceful life here on our planet? Do you want to reconnect with your own inner wisdom, your higher self and the spiritual world to live your full potential? Then you have come to the right place...

Bring light to the world

Higher Spirit Healing is about healing people, one's environment and the earth with all its living beings in connection with the light realms of the spiritual world.
Through the reconnection with the divine primordial power, the Higher Self and the Spirit Guide, we can come back to our own original soul plan and our life can change into love and light. This is not just a method, but a respectful and lightful attitude to life.
Also the contact to our deceased in the afterlife plays an important role here.

Connect with the higher spirits

The healing method of Higher Spirit Healing is based on the trance healing of English spiritualism in combination with the profound method of spiritual surgery. I was allowed to experience this in Brazil and received the instructions of the Spirits at this place.
An important part of this work is also the sensitive work with the aura. Through the Aura Reading (reading the energy field) blockades, patterns and traumas can be recognized and solved.

Experience, realize and awaken in the light


Be a part of the healing


From May 2019, it will also be possible to take the training course as an online course. The online course is particularly suitable for people who do not have the time to travel to the training location 6 weekends a year. The online training covers the same topics as the 1 year basic training.


The intensive practice days serve the further development and intensification of our abilities in sensitive and medial healing. We dive deeper into the possibilities of Trance Healing in connection with Sensitive Counseling and Beyond Contacts.


Crystal clear water, snow-white coral sand, lush vegetation...does this sound like paradise? We would like to go with you exactly to this place, a place on our earth, where we can experience that paradise is not a fairy tale, or once been, but here on earth and in us.