In these 3 intensive days we dedicate ourselves completely to your mediality and ability to perceive, receive and pass on energies from the spiritual world.


Would you like to get to know yourself in a whole new power and feel how you too can be lifted to a higher vibration and level of consciousness?

After these days your view of life and death will no longer be as it was.


The earth and its inhabitants are currently in a process of consciousness change into higher dimensions, in which we can receive information and energies from higher levels.  It needs people like you who are ready to open up to this “other” spiritual world and bring healing. When you are ready, you enter a world where miracles are possible.


You will learn techniques for cleansing the aura, chakras and energy pathways. This is an important prerequisite for getting clear information from the spiritual world and reading the aura. We purify your energy channels through the connection with the spiritual world, release blockages from the energy field and let the healing energy flow through the open channels. Here I would like to combine Trance Healing with Ayurvedic massage techniques and gently activate the life energy. In this new energetic state you feel more vital, fresh, full of happiness and peace.


I’m looking forward to you!


key topics

  • Aura & Aura Reading
    aura layers
    Getting to know the spiritual world, different light beings, angels and their tasks.
    Beyond and beyond contacts
    Meditation and Trance
    Ways to attain consciousness of higher dimensions
    trance healing
    Connection to the Higher Self
    Higher Spirit Healing
    Communication with the Higher Self (one’s own and other people’s)
    Chakra and aura cleansing in Trance Healing
    Yoga exercises and activating techniques for opening and cleansing the energy channels
    Increase energy frequency


380,- Euro


19.01.24   19:00
21.01.24   16:00


Heilzentrum Soluna - Burgwindheim

Blutbrunnenstr. 2

96154 Burgwindheim

mandatory registration