To meet the earth and people with sensitivity is a prerequisite for living one’s life in peace and with respect. We can be so grateful for all that the earth has given us, and often it is that we go through life unthinkingly and “loudly”. How can we do it differently when we have learned to do everything quickly and as much as possible in a short time and have grown up in a society of consumption…?

But I think that’s just what we need to learn again. To be attentive and loving, to become quiet again, to invite the sound of love into life. We are actually connected by our nature with everything, with the earth, with the cosmos and the spiritual world. And yet we have separated ourselves from our true being through the course of things and try to live a life in duality and separation. That is not the meaning, and that is why most people do not recognize the meaning of their life.

But once we start to think about it, there is no other way than to let the connectedness and spirituality back into life and consciousness. To truly open ourselves to life means that we reconnect with the wholeness and divine source and realize that we are spiritual beings who are experiencing on earth to grow and free ourselves from burdens and shadows.

It is always about exposing one’s own being and discarding all that still holds us in lack, suffering and separation. No matter who, every person will have this experience at some point in his life. It is the way into the light that we have before us and no matter which way we go, we will recognize the perfection and beauty of the divine at some point…

Make peace with yourself and your shadows

Making real peace with us means that we recognize that there is no right and no wrong. Everything has its meaning and gives us experience in which we can grow and mature. That is why there are no mistakes: it is only important to recognize when it means to go further. For what we should prevent as far as possible is stagnation in something that does us no good. How long do people stay in a situation or a feeling, just out of habit, or because they are not brave enough to really change something? But that is something that can make people sick in the long run.

Even if we don’t have enough sensitivity and clarity towards ourselves and let something go on, although we know inside that change and newness would bring healing and light. Here it means to listen into one’s own inner being and to recognize what one really wants and what really does one good.


On the way into the light we also meet our dark sides again and again. To see the light in them is probably the most difficult thing of all. Because when we are confronted with our shadows and themes that are not yet in the solution, we quickly find ways out to justify running away from them.

But precisely when we look them in the eye, without fear and without evaluation, only then can we transform them into love. Then we can see the light in them and recognize that they are simply unredeemed fears that want to make themselves great to protect us. Knowing that we no longer need them and can move forward without fear makes them smaller and we can look at them with love. We can accept them in love and let them go in love. This requires courage and self-knowledge. Courage not to see ourselves perfectly and the realization that we carry all themes and patterns within us that want to be redeemed and recognized. Because without this knowledge no growth can take place.


We may recognize that we are human and on the way to free ourselves from destructive behavior and patterns. If we were already redeemed, we would not be here on earth and would not have to have another earth experience.
But it is also not bad to know that we are on our way into the light, because it is only we who bring darkness into an evaluation of evil.
We may also be weak once, angry or angry. These are also energies that want to be seen. They are there to be liberated and there to be directed into the light-filled path and not to push it down. Because then they are directed against us. We can draw so much energy from these emotions, if we know how to deal with them.
Therefore make peace with your shadows and recognize in them their potential to grow. Then we can go in peace with ourselves on our way further into the light….
Heart greetings

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